Adding a game sheet for soccer leagues

Updated 2015-04-01

List and validation of players

Updated 2015-03-19

Order of the players in the game sheet

Updated 2015-03-04

Game sheet for Ringette

Updated 2015-02-12

Changing a match

Updated 2015-01-27

View my invoices in my account

Updated 2015-01-20

Adding an export Excel team players

Updated 2015-01-14

Print all game sheets of a tournament / league

Updated 2014-12-22

Preview sending schedules

Updated 2014-11-26

End of the tie breaker in the standing

Updated 2014-11-07

Allow two final games

Updated 2014-11-04

Minimum and maximum number of players for each division

Updated 2014-10-29

Adding the shootout in the result section

Updated 2014-10-14

List of winners by division

Updated 2014-10-08

Selecting your game sheet

Updated 2014-10-03

Configuration checks and validations

Updated 2014-09-26

Results with approval

Updated 2014-09-10

Detailed display in fault management

Updated 2014-08-29

Display warnings when assigning games

Updated 2014-08-26

Management of clubs / cities participating

Updated 2014-08-15