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Management of the officials

Official payroll

Generate officials payroll

Generate payroll for one or many officials done in a single click!

Modify your game officials

Add / remove officials

Manage your game officials by adding or removing them from a match in a single click!

Informations and officials list

Generate a report of your officials

This features let you create an information report in Excel format of all your officials. Allowing you a clear view in a list format showing a maximum of information.

Officials management

Add various officials to your tournament

Six different types are available

  1. Referee
  2. 2nd Referee
  3. Linesman
  4. Goal Judge
  5. Timekeeper
  6. Scorekeeper

Salary management

Specify the salary of your officials.

For each division, set the salary of each of your officials

Speed up the process by using our application for group functions!

Display board

Assign your official visually!

Using our "drag and drop" system, assign your officials to specific games.

See where your official may be assigned, and the games they are already assigned to!

Our intelligent system will prevent you from making any mistakes!


Recover your officials schedule

It is easy to see the schedule of all your officials: filter them according to the divisions, fields or simply by official.

Want a paper version? Nothing easier, our printing in PDF format function is available.

Sending schedules

Inform your officials of their schedules

With a single click, email schedules that are assigned to each of your officials

Filter according to the type of officials and mark those to whom you wish to send their schedule; nothing easier!