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On PlaniTournament/PlaniLeague, you pay according to the numbers of entries in your tournament or your league. Registration for 1 or 2 players (simple or double), the cost will be 1 credit per single or double entry for a tournament, ans 4 credits per simple or double entry for a league. For teams of more than 2 players, the cost will be 3 credits per team registered for a tournament, and 12 credits per team registered for a league.

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Obtain FREE credits for 5 participants or teams when you add your first tournament or league. Those free credits will allow you to try our system and the complete administration of a tournament or league.

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Simples - 1 Credit per paticipant
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Teams - 3 Credits per team
Simples - 4 Credit per paticipant
Doubles - 4 Credit per team
Teams - 12 Credits per team
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