NEW: API PlaniTournament / PlaniLeague for your website

Updated 2018-04-30

NEW: League with tournaments in motion / demotion

Updated 2017-05-26

NEW: Download schedules from an Excel file

Updated 2017-04-14

New indicator for associated accounts

Updated 2017-03-10

NEW: School leagues with multiple tournaments

Updated 2016-11-22

NEW: Match assignment from the match creation Section

Updated 2016-10-28

NEW: Officials Assignment from Schedule

Updated 2016-10-18

NEW: Downloading all players from a league

Updated 2016-09-22

NEW: Sending automatic emails when canceling or remitting a match

Updated 2016-09-08

NEW: Manual unavailability of fields

Updated 2016-07-21

NEW DESIGN: Public secttion completely redesigned in adaptive web

Updated 2016-07-13

NEW for tornaments: Automatic assignment of matches to fields

Updated 2016-06-26

New score sheet for softball and baseball tournaments and leagues

Updated 2016-06-21

NEW: Wizard to create tournament and league

Updated 2016-06-06

NEW for leagues: Automatic assignment of matches to fields

Updated 2016-05-13

Adding images in the news

Updated 2016-04-22

New score sheet for basketball tournaments and leagues

Updated 2016-03-25

Add a manual suspension

Updated 2016-03-15

NEW: Create and assign matchs by week for leagues!

Updated 2016-03-09

A new score sheet for hockey teams

Updated 2016-01-19