The double-elimination tournament feature is now available

Updated 2016-01-11

Hockey: a sheet of attendance is now available

Updated 2015-12-15

Update in the game schedule section

Updated 2015-10-01

New feature: Locker-rooms attribution

Updated 2015-09-30

Update in the majors and minors faults system

Updated 2015-08-06

Visiting and receiving team modification

Updated 2015-06-25

Score sheets new feature: Overtime points

Updated 2015-06-10

Approval of teams

Updated 2015-06-03

Administrator section's functionality update: Audit actions

Updated 2015-05-28

Account of Team / Participant / Coach redesign

Updated 2015-05-25

Adding a game sheet for hockey tournaments in France

Updated 2015-05-20

Download players from an Excel file

Updated 2015-05-15

Print invoices for your tournament/league

Updated 2015-05-12

Download teams from an Excel file

Updated 2015-05-06

Teams list in PDF format

Updated 2015-05-01

Payment of teams / participants registration through paypal

Updated 2015-04-21

Cancellation of several game

Updated 2015-04-17

Official payroll

Updated 2015-04-16

Availibility of game sheets

Updated 2015-04-13

Automatic suspension and purge

Updated 2015-04-08